CH Open Source Awards 2008

2008 award winners


OLAT , E-learning platform


Day , Ua standards-based content repository (JSR-170) for CMS; Apache JackRabbit, Sling


Cantonal school Zofingen , Use of FOSS (, Linux Terminal Server) in the school.


Schoolnet Namibia (Philipp Hanselmann) and Linuxola (Amadeus Wittwer) two projects to promote the use of IT resources in so-called developing countries on a FOSS basis.


Esteban Joël Marin , Kantonsschule Romanshorn, has developed Worddriller, a freely accessible vocabulary learning program.

And Philipp Gassmann , Kantonsschule Zofingen, Matura thesis “Introduction to Ubuntu” to learn about other schools resp. To make it easier for schoolchildren to get started with Ubuntu and to make it more palatable.