DINAcon Awards

With the DINAcon Awards will be projects in the 4 categories in 2021

"Open Data" Award

"Open Government" Award

"Best Newcomer" Award

"Open Community" Award

excellent. Participation is free, projects from all over Europe are eligible.

Nominations 2021

The shortlist catalog of finalist projects for this year's award is known! We look forward to sending 12 projects into the race for the DINAcon Awards. The jury will decide on 4 winning projects over the next few weeks, which will be awarded live on October 29th.


The winners of the DINAcon Awards 2021 will be honored live in Basel in 2021 and, of course, invited as guests to the conference. You can expect a diverse audience with representatives from the community, business and the public sector. All applications are published on our website.

DINAcon Award winners 2020

Our jury selected 6 particularly outstanding projects from a total of 26 entries.

jOSM - Public Transport Plugin

Basel City data portal

DP3T - Decentralized Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracking


Eclipse Foundation

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Blog posts

Gewinner der DINAcon Awards 2020

By mariafanger | 26. October 2020
DINAcon Jury 2019

Shortlist is out

By Torben | 24. September 2019

The jury of the DINAcon Awards 2020



Christian Nüssli Application manager at Protection and Rescue Zurich Brigitte Hulliger Founder, Break The Box
Gian-Maria Daffré FSFE, Local Group Zurich Nino Müller Member of the Executive Board, Substring
Stefan Oderbolz Open Data Specialist at Statistics City of Zurich Linda Sulzer Project Manager at Migros Pioneer Fund
Jonas Bieri Head of Data and Process Management at Open Government Data, Canton Basel-Stadt Marcel Waldvogel
Daniela Koller Open Government Data Coordinator / Research Associate in the Canton of Thurgau Urs Fässler Senior Software Engineer, CARU
Etienne Dysli Metref software engineer, SWITCH Rahel Ryf Open data platform ÖV Switzerland, founder tipo.ch
Jean Luc Cochard Head of Information Technology Unit at Swiss Federal Archives