DINAcon Awards


The DINAcon Awards recognise open projects by communities, companies, administrations, organisations and individuals. The deadline for submission is 15 July 2019. Projects from all over Europe are eligible to participate. Participation is free of charge. The nominated projects will be invited to DINAcon, where the award ceremony will take place on 18 October 2019. The winners of the DINAcon Awards 2019 are automatically nominated for the swissICT "Digital Economy Awards".




This year prizes will be awarded in the following categories. The prerequisite is that at least three entries per category have been submitted by the deadline. Otherwise no awards will be given in this category.


#1 Best Open Source Project

Awards are given to the best open source projects that already have an impact on business, politics or society beyond the community.

 #2 Best Newcomer

Awards are given to open source projects that are not older than three years and offer exciting new approaches.

 #3 Best Practice

Awards are given to companies, organizations or administrations that successfully use open source software, provide open data or establish open standards.

 #4 Open Data

Open DataAwards are given to the best open data projects that create added value for society on the basis of open data.

#5 Open Education Award

Open Education AwardAwards are given to projects that help to create an open educational offering for the general public.

The Jury

In 2019 we will again make every effort to put together a jury for the DINAcon Awards, which come from different areas of life. It is important to us that the jury brings very diverse experiences from different areas of life, technology and society into the discussions.
The members will gradually be published on this website.

Current Entries

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