DINAcon Awards Nominee

Openki – The Platform for Open Education

Project Start: 22. Januar 2010

Openki - a peer to peer school where everyone can learn from others. Openki supports the growth of active local communities which meet regularly through self-organized courses. It makes education a collective experience of everyday life, self-organized, participatory, inclusive, and fun. The projects core is a web-platform where people can propose, join and help organize realworld workshops. Openki creates tools for self-organization for its members and organizes events for the community around it. Fundamentals: - Education should be accessible to everyone - We all love to learn new things - Everybody has skills others are eager to learn Not only the webapp-code is open-source but also the graphic sources, our texts and concepts and even our budget. Because our core value is collaboration and trust.

Project Business Case

In the future Openki will be used internally by democratic schools for p2p learning, and within companies for organisation of p2p training/education with a paid plan. Additionally regions do individual fundraising campaigns (crowd, fundations, donations/memberships) In order to anticipate the answer to the difficult one-choice question underneath: The project is pure non-profit, we get donations but it only pays the office and server bills, we do not yet pay any salaries. The organizing institution is our association: "Verein KOPF KursOrganisationsPlattform" is tax exempt (Gemeinnützigkeit anerkannt). We got some first revenues from the Openki-festival we did in May and distributed it within the project. We will not sell userdata, do sponsoring or put advertisement on the platform.

Project Importance

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” - Chinese Proverb „If you are planning for generations, support people to educate and organize themselves.“ - Openki Today we are facing the reality that humanity is destroying the planet we are living on. We believe that the highly individualized way we live in our society is a big part of the reason why. Most of the people live in their own information bubble without connection to or awareness of other perspectives. Openki is a project that brings people together. It helps people to spread knowledge about a very broad range of topics in an independent way. This capacity we see as a very important and effective way for grass root movements to co-create a functioning civic society. Openki is a living example of people organizing events and content together. This tool for collaboration and self-organization can later be a model for other (web-)apps in the field of collaboration, as an example to co-create projects. In the field of learning, intrinsic motivation is highly essential. Openki supports this by encouraging people to think about the question what and how they want to learn - and what they want to share with others. At the same time for most people a social and collaborative environment is crucial for sustainable learning. So Openki has two main effects: It creates a highly effective environment for learning and empowers people. By the way it works, Openki spreads open-souce culture and open-source-values: it allowsfree access to resources and to education. We envision a society where education is a part of everyday-life, self-determined and accessible for everyone. In this society the people themselves decide on what and how they learn. They are empowered to realize their own ideas and recognize their own knowledge. People organize courses together with former strangers and see this as a common thing to do. Who you meet is no longer defined by belonging to a social class but rather based on common interests. People continuously take new roles like mentoring or carrying out organizational tasks and thereby meet at eye-level.

Project Impact

It would reduce the connectivity between people and make it much more difficult to find free education/knowledge in your region. If openki would not be there it would be much more difficult for people, especially if they don’t have a very good network, to organize events in a simple way. People would be more dependent on the established institutions of education, that don’t support the p2p education. So for people it wouldn’t be so easy to share their skills and knowledge with others. And education would be a priviledge for people who can afford to pay for it.

Project Facts

License: Other

Maturity: The project is live and we have some users

Number of Contributors: 26

Number of Commits: 742