DINAcon Awards Nominee

Home Assistant

Project Start: 17. September 2013

With Home Assistant is a Python 3 home automation system available which let you track the state of all the devices in your home, so you don't have to. Home Assistant allows you to control all your devices without storing any of your data in the cloud from a single, mobile-friendly, interface. The short release cycle of Home Assistant ensures that you can profit instantly from new features. Often you will be the first ones who get support for a brand-new "smart thing". Currently there are over 1000 integration available which will allow you to automate your home with simple rules.

Project Business Case

Home Assistant solves the issue of having silos in your home. Instead of having multiple "apps" on a smart phone to control the devices from various vendors in your home. The lights, media players, blinds, heating and all other supported devices can be controlled from a modern and fast web interface. The "smart things" or Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are no longer isolated as Home Assistant and it's automation engine is technology agnostic, vendor agnostic and Open Source. The devices can interact with each other no matter of their brand or supported protocol and limitations defined by the manufacturers can be overcome. With its wide range of device support is Home Assistant the best choice for future-proof smart home installation. Without manufacturer cloud solutions involved your data will stay private and your home will work even if there is no internet connection.

Project Importance

... it ensures that sensor and control data of your home stay private. ... there is no remote access allowed by default and no internet connection needed after the installation to automate your home. ... it gives you back the control without depending on vendors and third-party providers and removes the requirement to buy all hardware from the same vendor. ... the users shouldn't need to care about protocols and vendor limitations. ... it makes your home automation installation sustainable, future-proof and easy to extend.

Project Impact

The current state of the project can be described as "stable and mature". All core elements of the project have proven to work well under different conditions. This means that existing installations would continue to work. Over time the amount of working integrations would decrease as API changes and other modifications wouldn't be available and render certain devices useless. As of today, it's highly unlikely that the development of project stops. There is a lot of momentum in the community and for the development, even more than in the previous years. Also, the project is using popular tools and languages which are broadly supported across the whole Open Source ecosystem.

Project Facts

License: OSI/FSD-approved free software license

Maturity: There is a vivid community of users and contributors

Number of Contributors: 686

Number of Commits: 9000