Das sind die Gewinner:innen der DINAcon Awards 2021


Open-Community Award

FairElection (www.fairelection.ch) supports you in electing a representative group of people that reflect the diversity of your organization. First, you define what “representative” means: for example, the elected group should contain half of men and women, at least 3 people from a specific region, and 2 people speaking French. Second, you recruit candidates and hold a normal election. Based on the votes received and the criteria chosen in the first phase, FairElection tells you who won: it identifies the group of people who both match the criteria and at the same time received the most votes. FairElection brings the fairness that *you* want in the election. The tool can be used by political parties wanting to select candidates for their electoral lists, but also by associations electing their committees, companies looking for a new board, etc. 



SmapShot and an open API for georeferenced images

Open-Data Award

sMapShot is a participative time machine and a virtual globe created from historic photographs. Volunteers help finding the exact position of the photographs in 3D using a virtual globe. These photographs are then made available to citizens and researchers to analyze urban and landscape developments - e.g. melting glaciers, natural hazards, urbanization. Up to now more than 180'000 photographs have been georeferenced in smapshot. SmapShot is developped by HEIG-VD. In the context of a project with Swisstopo the API of smapshot has been made available to the public. The goal is to create an infrastructure for georeferenced pictures in 3D. Here are some sample URL's : Aletsch Glacier : https://smapshot.heig-vd.ch/visit/98691 Basel : https://smapshot.heig-vd.ch/visit/5262



Best-Newcomer Award

With growing technical landscapes and the rise of cloud providers many companies face a complex and diversified infrastructure and application setup. Managing multiple identities within IT systems for a single person is expensive, inefficient and often insecure. ZITADEL provides a modern platform for managing identities, providing secure user authentication, and integrating customer use cases on top. The open-source (Apache 2.0) platform is available as a public cloud SaaS Service, dedicated instance on any infrastructure provider, or self-hosted (https://github.com/caos/zitadel). ZITADEL solves multi-tenancy and self-service for B2B customers much better than most solutions, while providing a detailed and unlimited audit trail. CAOS ltd. was founded in April 2019 in eastern Switzerland as an open source software company and consists of 11 highly-qualified employees with in-depth experience of IAM and cloud-native application development.



Digitale Transparenz im öffentlichen Raum

Open-Government Award

The city of Zurich is testing in a pilot trial how it can make the collection of data in public spaces more visible. Specifically, this is being done by labeling sensors using pictograms. In addition, the latest available data of the respective sensors will be prepared on the website of the city of Zurich and made accessible on site via QR code. For this purpose, only data from already existing sensors is used, which is open and freely accessible as "Open Data". All sensors that will be labeled as part of this trial are listed on this page: https://www.stadt-zuerich.ch/prd/de/index/stadtentwicklung/smart-city/transparenz.html