DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Start: 28. avril 2018

Project Category: #5 Open Education Award

Swiss OpenStreetMap Association


OpenSchoolMaps is a project to promote open maps in the classroom, be it in digital form, in the browser, on mobile devices or printed. The project mainly uses free data from OpenStreetMap. It is aimed at teachers at upper secondary level (secondary schools and grammar schools) and other interested parties, like self-learners. The maps and map data as well as the teaching and learning materials are provided as Open Educational Resource (OER), so that everyone can contribute to the teaching and learning materials and use them freely - even outside the classroom! - and can and may pass them on.

Project Business Case

The busines case of OpenSchoolMaps is twofold: 1. By outreaching free learning material, it enables paid courses by those who know how to teach using this material. 2. Publishers may want to invest in further material like in a freemium business model.

Project Importance

OpenSchoolMaps fills the gap of the lack of freely accessible learning material (open educational resources) for students and self-learners about freely accessible maps and analysable geospatial data using open source software.

Project Impact

Students and self-learners would be either trapped by national maps or by sniffing and commercially biased Google Maps, and they would not be able to enhance a free map of the world.

Project Facts

License: Other

License Description: CC0 1.0

Maturity: The project is live and we have some users

Number of Contributors: 7

Number of Commits: 100