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DINAcon Awards 2021

The DINAcon Awards honor Open projects from communities, companies, administrations, organizations and individuals. The deadline for nomination and application entries is 05. July 2021. Projects from all over Europe are eligible to participate. Participation is free of charge. The nominated projects will be invited to DINAcon, where the awards ceremony will take place on October 29, 2021. The winners of the DINAcon Awards 2021 are automatically nominated for the swissICT "Digital Economy Awards".

Application Process:

In the following short form you can propose great projects or nominate your own project.

You are welcome to hand in your application in German, English or French.

Shortly after your nomination, we will send an edit-link to the project-contact email address through which you will be able to complete your application with some additional information.

We hope to welcome you to this years DINAcon Conference in Basel!

The official name of the project.

Please give us your full name.

Please provide an email address so we can get back to you.

Are you part of the project?

In case you are not part of the project, who can we contact from the project? Full name please.

In case you are not part of the project, which email address can we contact from the project?

Please provide your city and country.

The official website of the project.

In which category would you like to nominate your Project?
Find out how our categories are put together:

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