DINAcon Awards Nominee

SmapShot and an open API for georeferenced images

Project Category: »Open-Data« Award

sMapShot is a participative time machine and a virtual globe created from historic photographs. Volunteers help finding the exact position of the photographs in 3D using a virtual globe. These photographs are then made available to citizens and researchers to analyze urban and landscape developments - e.g. melting glaciers, natural hazards, urbanization. Up to now more than 180'000 photographs have been georeferenced in smapshot. SmapShot is developped by HEIG-VD. In the context of a project with Swisstopo the API of smapshot has been made available to the public. The goal is to create an infrastructure for georeferenced pictures in 3D. Here are some sample URL's : Aletsch Glacier : https://smapshot.heig-vd.ch/visit/98691 Basel : https://smapshot.heig-vd.ch/visit/5262


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

SmapShot is a crowdsourcing platform of HEIG-VD to locate historical images in a virtual globe in 3D. In spring 2021, an open API was created as part of NGDI project 20-57 to query the SmapShot database and integrate content and functionality into other applications. SmapShot platform and API: the new API supports: - to query collections - to retrieve metadata (e.g. parameters of image positions) - to calculate camera positions - to query footprints of images