DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Category: »Best-Newcomer« Award


Maximilian Panne

With growing technical landscapes and the rise of cloud providers many companies face a complex and diversified infrastructure and application setup. Managing multiple identities within IT systems for a single person is expensive, inefficient and often insecure. ZITADEL provides a modern platform for managing identities, providing secure user authentication, and integrating customer use cases on top. The open-source (Apache 2.0) platform is available as a public cloud SaaS Service, dedicated instance on any infrastructure provider, or self-hosted (https://github.com/caos/zitadel). ZITADEL solves multi-tenancy and self-service for B2B customers much better than most solutions, while providing a detailed and unlimited audit trail. CAOS ltd. was founded in April 2019 in eastern Switzerland as an open source software company and consists of 11 highly-qualified employees with in-depth experience of IAM and cloud-native application development.


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

Caos hat mit ZITADEL ein open source IAM entwickelt. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit wurde das Projekt auf die Beine gestellt und auf grüner Wiese aufgebaut. Mit einem revolutionären Ansatz bringt ZITADEL im sonst fast ausschliesslichen proprietären Mark etwas Bewegung. Aus der Webseite: ZITADEL ist die Cloud Native Identity and Access Management (IAM) Lösung. ZITADEL ist optimiert für den Einsatz als Service Provider IAM.