DINAcon Awards Nominee

Lib4RI + DORA + Islandora

Project Category: »Open-Learning« Award


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

Lib4RI provides the backbone for the research library (e.g. publications) for the ETH domain (Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL) since 2011. The organisation and the impact is widely unknown to a wider audience and likely also other universities. This is a key success story and also allows a transition towards creating more Open Access resources and hopefully many other universities could join or adopt the open solutions. https://www.lib4ri.ch/services/open-access.html Lib4RI provides DORA for the Open Access catalog, based on the Open Source project Islandora and participates in the community: https://islandora.ca/ Alternative Category: If not learning, this could also be considered a data source for the Data Award.