DINAcon Awards Nominee

World Happiness and Economic Freedom

Project Start: 01. Januar 2019

Project Category: #4 Open Data

Does economic freedom make us happy? Are small countries economically more successful? Are there global regions which are happier than others? Does a high tax burden help a country to prosper? Which indicators help us to best understand development?

In a self-initiated project, YAAY visually compared 194 countries in five global regions using six indicators from the World Heritage Foundation and the World Happiness Report:

  • World Happiness Report Score – square
  • Overall Economics Freedom Score – black dot
  • Fiscal Freedom – blue dot
  • Judicial Effectiveness – violet dot
  • Government Integrity – red dot
  • Property Rights – orange dot

Get a macroscopic overview and dive into micro perspectives, comparing your country to your regional neighbors, and explore the relationships between economics and happiness.

Project Business Case

This was a self-initiated labs project and an entry for the world government summit to attract people to think globally.

Project Importance

This project is important to the world because we wanted to evaluate if there is a connection between happiness and economic freedom. Our goal was that every government summit participant can see the own country and relate to the other countries on the planet. The poster is meant to be printed in very big size so that people can move and discover patterns in the room.

Project Impact

If this project stops its development and ceases to exist, this would be the impact currently we are only further developing the new diagram type we invented for multidimensional data. We are sharing our experiences here: https://medium.yaay.ch/data-visualization-process-d08c5adbe0e

Project Facts

License: CC-BY-*

Maturity: We have a basic proof of concept working

Number of Contributors: 4