DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Start: 21. November 2016

Project Category: #5 Open Education Award

UCS@school is an identity and authorization management system optimized for the educational sector to centrally manage users, services, applications, and digital media. Important basic services such as the provision of WLAN, authentication, printing or file storage are integrated. Other solutions such as e-learning, file sharing or e-mail can easily be connected to the management system. It is used by a number of larger school authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Project Business Case

The business case of UCS@school is the sale of maintenance subscriptions, professional services, and support.

Project Importance

This project is important because it is a prerequisite to do school IT in a secure, data-protected yet simple and easily applicable way and assists schools in their digital transformation processes. UCS@school is an openly designed platform, enabling educational institutions to use the IT services of their choice, thus allowing them to be independent of specific manufacturers and vendor lock-in.

Project Impact

The schools could still continue to work with UCS@school because all of its individual components come from open source projects and would continue to be developed. As the complete source code is published under an Open Source version, the advantage would be that UCS@school could be continued independently. This could happen in many ways, for example in a new project as it can be forked without any problems and thus development could be driven further.

Project Facts

License: OSI/FSD-approved free software license

Maturity: We are well established and many people are using it

Number of Contributors: 17

Number of Commits: 1623