DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Category: »Open-Business« Award

Streamr is an open-source software project building decentralized infrastructure for real-time data. The goal is to enable data to be transported, shared, and monetized securely and scalably without intermediaries. The Streamr tech stack includes a decentralized pub/sub messaging network, a marketplace to trade and crowdsell real-time data, a real-time data toolkit and an adaptable developer framework, Data Unions for allowing consumers to consent, aggregate and monetize their real-time data. Streamr was crowdfunded in 2017. Streamr Network AG, based in Zug Switzerland, is the corporate entity which coordinates the implementation of the protocol. Streamr is a distributed project with core team members, contributors, and community members in a range of timezones globally.


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

Streamr is a crowdfunded project building open source technology for decentralized real-time data sharing.