DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Start: 01. Juli 2001

Project Category: #1 Best Open Source Project

independIT Integrative Technologies GmbH


schedulix lays down ground-breaking standards for the professional automation of IT processes in advanced system environments. From simply starting a program at any given time, through to complex processes involving thousands of interdependent applications: schedulix not only generates, monitors and logs all the relevant processes, it also elevates the efficiency, quality and reliability of your IT operation to new levels.

Project Business Case

The open source edition schedulix is functionally identical to the commercial BASIC edition of our core product BICsuite. Many customers are using BICsuite BASIC or schedulix for many years without any need to upgrade to the higher PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE editions. schedulix can be used free of charge. However independIT offers subscriptions for maintenance and support in various service levels. In larger enterprise environments additional functionality is provided by higher BICsuite editions. Upgrading to a higher edition requires to sign a software maintenance and support contract and can be done easily in minutes.

Project Importance

... it is important to switch to Open Source technology for critical parts of the IT infrastructure to enhance security and reduce dependencies from companies causing vendor lock ins. The demands made on today's IT infrastructures are constantly growing. The integration of all different kinds of IT subsystems and the introduction of new technologies give rise to an increasing number of complex routines and individual processes, which all need to be automated in a heterogeneous system environment. Manual control mechanisms, rigid programming, or the use of impractical job scheduling tools, all turn this task into an insurmountable hurdle. Poor maintainability, high development overheads, together with time-intensive monitoring and troubleshooting, generate huge costs and tie up valuable resources. Designed and developed to meet the complex requirements of large data warehouse systems, schedulix has been safeguarding the smooth automated operation of large-scale EDWH and business intelligence environments for over a decade. With its indispensable functionalities, schedulix is capable of mastering the challenges in all areas of a modern IT operation.

Project Impact

The code and documentary will rest in peace in GitHub.

Project Facts

License: Dual-licensed (please describe below)

License Description: The schedulix source code is derived from the code base of the commercial BICsuite Enterprise Job Scheduling product of independIT. schedulix is protected by the AGPL. Since there are possible upgrades to the commercial BICsuite system, schedulix is kind of open core.

Maturity: We are well established and many people are using it

Number of Contributors: 1

Number of Commits: 100