DINAcon Awards Nominee

Overview Poster on the Fields of Open Data

Project Start: 03. Dezember 2015

Project Category: #4 Open Data

The open government data is generated with relatively great effort, therefore the Canton of Basel-Stadt wanted to know which data are most in demand. In this context, the State Chancellery and the eGovernment agency of the Canton of Basel-Stadt organized the first Open Innovation Day on Open Government Data in November 2015. The event was held under the motto "make open data - which data may it be?".

With this scope, we have been commissioned to create the conference poster. The idea of YAAY was to communicate the event program with a data-oriented visual language as well as to create a sustainable product that could become a guide for policy makers to see the big picture of the data sphere in Basel and in Switzerland.

We looked closely at the topics and potentials around Open Government Data. As a basis of the visualization we adapted the “Impact Monitoring Framework for Open Government Data Switzerland” study by Stürmer & Dapp (2015). The research introduces possible topics such as education, energy and environment, health, etc.; and traces the potential impact on society, economy and science when open data is provided on those domains.

YAAY created a radial tree visualization as A2 poster. The poster provides information about the event, also underlines the discussion topics. The visualization shows possible data sources for each topic, use cases of these sources and their impact. Three-dimensional representation and color-coding lead the viewer to a faster comprehension of different hierarchies of information. The visualization offers an overview and inspiration on Open Government Data, and also connects to each department of City Administration of Basel-City.

Project Business Case

"When information is visual, it becomes more graspable and catalyzes discussion in many dimensions, as well as, creates the path for further understanding." – Nicole Lachenmeier, YAAY

Our aim was to create an easy physical communication tool for people working in Basel city. They are now using since 2015 the poster as a visual system where they can orientate in the dimensions of open data.

Project Importance

We discovered in the past months that people in different departments either have the poster hanging in their office or that they use it in meetings to facilitate communication. Eventhough this was a one time effort to the conference back in 2015, the poster really worked out to be a good map for thinking and participating in the discussions. We could imagine to continue this work and bring it to a more scientifically sophisticated level (update of the dimensions) and even to create a platform where people get inspirations and can navigate through the open data database.

Project Impact

Currently the project has been stopped, because Basel Stadt did not roll out any updates of the map, or it is still enough up to date. Maybe it would be interesting to bring the idea on a bigger level, outside of Basel Stadt.

Project Facts

License: CC-BY-*

Maturity: The project is live and we have some users

Number of Contributors: 3