DINAcon Awards Nominee

Kopano Meet

Project Start: 01. April 2018

Project Category: #2 Best Newcomer

Kopano Meet is an easily self-hostable app with a simple architecture, for one to one and group videocalls. Apart from the ability to make video calls participants (either authorized users or external/anonymous guests) also have the possibility to join only with audio. For the client to client connection Meet uses WebRTC, which allows users to participate in calls without the need to install any additional plugins or clients. Even for screensharing Meet makes use of native browser APIs eliminating the need for 3rd party software in the browser.

Project Business Case

Meet is a rather small and easy to integrate tool. Our scope is to deliver an organization’s own tool for communication, which does not require the ecosystem of our users to have a login at a 3rd party provider (MS, Google). And as a first for us, it does not even require the organisation to use the other Kopano Groupware products. With Meet we enrich any tool from groupware (plan meet-meetings, meet with recipients of an email, …), CRM (direct meet with potential customers) to portals. Attendees may join meet-meetings by just clicking a link.

Project Importance

It enables organizations to offer sovereign, real-time and end to end encrypted communication. While there are many tools available to deliver video meetings already, our Meet is small, easy to install, easy to integrate and 100% open source. Any attendee needs nothing more than a modern browser to join. With it being a PWA local administrators do not even need to rely on app stores for deploying “apps” to their users and are independent from external update cycles.

Project Impact

Since Meet makes use of well-established technologies and concepts like PWA, WebRTC, React, Go (in the backend for example or the signalling server), it can likely continue to be used for years after active development has stopped. This popular stack of technologies should on top of this also make it easier to onboard external contributors.

Project Facts

License: OSI/FSD-approved free software license

Maturity: The project is live and we have some users

Number of Contributors: 8

Number of Commits: 257