DINAcon Awards Nominee

Introduction to Swiss Law – An Open Education Project

Project Start: 25. Mai 2017

Project Category: #5 Open Education Award

Introduction to Swiss Law is a teaching material for students to become an overview to Swiss Law. In Switzerland very few teaching materials for law are open access and mostly they are very pricy. Introduction to Swiss Law is one of the first learning materials which is provided with Open Access and therefore free of charge.

Project Importance

It is important that Universities start to use open access also for learning materials. Learning materials especially in Law in Switzerland are much to expensive and the University has to start thinking outside the box and provide students with free learning materials. Introduction to Swiss Law shows, that a learning material that is accessebal for free by open access can be a solution to reduce the costs of learning materials for students.

Project Impact

It would mean a step back for the development of Open Access at Universities and especially at the University of Zurich.

Project Facts

License: CC-BY-*

Maturity: We are well established and many people are using it

Number of Contributors: 13