DINAcon Awards Nominee

imitoCam: the app for photo and wound documentation

Project Category: #2 Best Newcomer


Pamina Göttelmann

imitoCam enables healthcare professionals in hospitals to use the available smartphone technology for a secure photo and wound documentation - photos can be taken using the app on a smartphone or tablet and saved directly into the electronic medical record of the patient.

  • The app is fully and seamlessly integrated into the existing organisations IT infrastructure and findings are immediately available in the electronic patient record.
  • A wound measurement can directly be done in the app with a precise measurement of the area, length, width and circumference of wounds and specimens.
  • Browsing through the timeline of one or more findings of a patient allows for better understanding of the progression.
  • The use of cloud-based messaging solutions such as Whatsapp is prevented through an interdisciplinary and convenient team collaboration via chat in the patient context, e.g. for second opinions.
  • Clever categorization and a dynamically intelligent organization also deliver added value for research and education.


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

This project and app is often the first milestone set by hospitals to integrated mobile technologies such as smartphones into hospital processes. In that sense, imitoCam is a pioneer project.