DINAcon Awards Nominee

Die Gute Minute

Project Category: »Open-Community« Award


Michael Kistler

Our goal is to offer our readers a positive perspective on a future that is fit for grandchildren, the environment, people and animals. Instead of raising fear with the negative effects of our civilization, we show that there are already solutions for all problems. In doing so, we also promote change pioneers, companies and organizations that work for such a world. We network with other initiatives in the field of sustainable consumption, circular economy, and more. Currently we are 3 staff members who write a post every day without pay. With financial support, we can generate more followers, do more in-depth research, create more networking and thus anchor the megatrend neo-ecology in people's minds.


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

Since november 2018, "Die Gute Minute" sends everyday a positive meassage on the Website, Facebook, Insta, Twitter & linked in. So we want to give the people a positive kick every day and direct their gaze to pleasing events, deeds and people. We address concepts, projects, and ideas on the topics of the common good economy, collaborative business, (species) diversity, open source, green tech, exchange and sharing communities, non-violent communication, deceleration, and participatory politics. Our positive news reaches around 800 people in switzerland, germany and austria and shows them the vision of a positive, livable and sustainable future. Shouldent this voluntary, non-monetary everyday acting for a livable world should win a DINAcon Award?