DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Category: »Best-Newcomer« Award


Thorben Westerhuys

dfour (formerly Gemeindescan/Spatial Data Package Platform) is a collaborative web-based GIS platform that consolidates planning documents, data-driven analyses and participation results in one place. It enables stakeholders to collaborate on data-informed decision processes and encourage users to share their own analyses. The project is maintained by cividi, a Zurich based civic-tech startup focusing on evidence-based urban planning.


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

dfour is a novel open source, collaborative spatial data platform by cividi - enabling citizens, municipalities and planers to make more robust, data driven decisions. It is built on top of Frictionless data packages - bridging data science, GIS and CAD/BIM workflows - and open web technologies like django, graphql, vue and leaflet. More information available at https://github.com/cividi/spatial-data-package-platform. At its core the platform acts as a document (snapshot) manager allowing users to browse, annotate, organise and share map based visualisations. Each uploaded document gets a unique URI and can be organised by topic, workspace and perimeter. Documents (snapshots) are JSON based and follow the spatial data package principles (see https://github.com/cividi/spatial-data-package). The first GUI editor for authoring snapshots is QGIS for which a proof of concept plugin is developed in collaboration with Gispo (see https://github.com/cividi/spatial-data-package-export).