DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Category: #2 Best Newcomer


David Dal Busco

DeckDeckGo aims to be the open source web editor for presentations. It enables anyone with any type of devices (desktop, mobile or tablets) to easily create, present and share presentations for free. It is also an online community for sharing presentations, slides and talks about your interests and ideas.


Why should this Project win a DINAcon Award?

What makes DeckDeckGo different 🤔? Every presentations published with DeckDeckGo are standalone applications. It means that every decks of slides you will share with the world, your colleagues, friends and community will not be shared as PDF or any other static format but will be shared as web and mobile applications. This leads to some interesting new use cases. For example, being able to display inside your presentations a QR-Code to let your audience get your slides on theirs phones without any delay. No more need to tell your audience "I'll publish later tonight or tomorrow a link to the PDF of the presentation on the forum page of today's event", your audience get your slides straight away at your talk 😇 Furthermore, every presentations created with DeckDeckGo could be remote controlled from any phones or devices without any extra hardware or software needed as DeckDeckGo provide an application for that purpose 😉