DINAcon Awards Nominee


Project Start: 05. November 2015

Project Category: #3 Best Practice

We started in 2013 with GitLab, a Social Coding platform for our team, made code.siemens.com out of it on November 5th 2015 and scaled it up to over 29000 users in the whole of Siemens. Developer from > 68 countries are collaborating across internal and organisational boundaries day by day.
We are fully committed to Open Source and spend about 10 % of our budget for upstream contributions to GitLab and many other open source projects. The basic principle "for developers from developers" has been introduced at the very beginning and we established a global developer community across Siemens over the last years. Nowadays CI/CD is all over (> 1 Million jobs per month), we established best practices that are widely adopted and code.siemens.com became the default environment for developers within Siemens.

Project Business Case

In 2015, collaborating on code across departments or divisions was difficult. There were no means to access expertise in other departments or share best practices. The same problems were solved over and over again in different parts of the company. Agreeing on a shared code base for projects took months. Code was emailed around without proper versioning or license tracking. Without central tooling, teams had to run their own "grey IT", taking up time and money meant for real R&D work.

Project Importance

Even tough code.siemens.com is a internal platform solely for Siemens, it drives cultural change within one of the biggest multinational companies on the globe, making the open-source way-of-working and sharing-culture applicable to thousands of individual.

With the way-of-working of the platform itself, we're the biggest contributor organisation to the open-source version of Gitlab, besides of many other OSS projects, driving our culture way beyond Siemens.

Project Impact

Siemens will become analog again.

Project Facts

License: Other

License Description: MIT and others

Maturity: We are well established and many people are using it

Number of Contributors: 50

Number of Commits: 1000