DINAcon Awards Nominee

Badewetter-Index Schweiz

Project Start: 10. April 2019

Project Category: #4 Open Data

This project was created in the lecture course "Open Data 2019" at the University of Bern. The Badewetter-Index Schweiz (or the swiss beach-weather-index) shows where the weather conditions in Switzerland are favourable for swimming, bathing and other water related activities. The index is calculated using Open-Data, namely the measurements of the automated weather stations of the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss), which are updated every 10 minutes.

Additionally, the project uses Open-Data of the Swiss Federal Office of Environment (FOEN; water temperature measurements) and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO; administrative shapefiles).

The project is however not yet real-time.
The project in it's current state combines R-coding, Web-Technologies (JS-libraries, HTML & CSS) as well as GIS-processing (QGIS). The project is best viewed in a Chrome Browser at 1920x1080px and 100% scaling.

Project Business Case

The project aims mainly at illustrating the potential of freely (under the condition of Open Data) available real-time physical measurement data of the environment provided by Federal Government Offices such as the Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss) and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). We see a vast potential in real-time Open Data for various impactful real-time applications as for example our Badewetter-Index. The Badewetter-Index aims mainly at familiarizing people with meteorological data in a playful way and suggest the possible outdoor activities (currently restricted to water activities) under current weather conditions.

Project Importance

The Badewetter-Index is adressed to people which want to know if the current weather conditions are suitable for their planned outdoor activities. Currently the web-application is not real-time and restricted to water related activities, but we can imagine integrating also other types of weather-based indices for other outdoor-activities. A very useful tool is that the index (respective the definition of "beach weather") can be adjusted subjectively , such as for example the temperature (which is subjectively considered as adequate for "beach weather") can be specified by the user itself.

Project Impact

If the project in its future form would stop existing, a playful tool to help deciding whether a specific outdoor-activity would be possible under current weather conditions would be lost.

Project Facts

License: CC-BY-*

Maturity: We have a basic proof of concept working

Number of Contributors: 2